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2016 Fat Bike Birkie Race

06 March, 2016

This year's Birkie again doubled in size, from last years 500 rider limit. Along with the bigger crowd, the start/finish point also changed. For the past three years the race was held out of the Telemark Lodge, but for this year the start/finish was right in the heart of downtown Cable. Another great addition to this years events was the Friday night events when picking up your race kit. There were bike demos from several companies and also they hosted a downtown fat bike crit race. The crit race was a nice addition to get together with fellow races and either watch or participate in the event. 

                                             Cole leading out in front. 

Saturday morning start was also a bit different this year since there were so many racers. In the past years it was push your way to the front or get to the front early and wait for the beginning of the race. This year it was an organized line up based on plate number. This made things more organized but was harder to push to the front once the race began. 

Even though the lead out was more organized this year, still doesn't mean there wasn't some pile ups. This one caused two of our riders to get held back, but that is the nature of racing! Everyone was able to get back up and go again which is what matters most. 

This year we were also a sponsor for the race. Which only makes sense, since we have a pretty great turn out of racers and been coming for the past three years. We had our 10x10 displayed to show off some wheel builds, new products and also George's 19 pound Salsa Beargrease. 

George had nothing but good things to say about this years bike and course set up. His race set up was similar to last years, but with a few changes to make things a bit ligther. He raced the Kenda Juggernaut Pro 4 inch tires on HED Big Deal/Industry Nine wheels which saves a lot of overall rolling weight. The Juggernaut's that he used came in at 791 and 801 grams. George ran his tires at 9 psi for the race and said they hooked up well out on the groomed course. The Juggernaut tires have been his go to tires this year. George says they perform great on groomed snow trails and on dirt/rock single track. 

This year we had over 20 riders show up and race. Our pro rider Cole House went away with 4th place overall in the 47k, only fractions of a second away from making the top three podium! For the women racers, our rider Leia Schneeberger was right behind Danielle Musto taking 6th place overall in the 47k race! This years race had great weather and snow conditions. We thank everyone who came to talk to us, for our racers being apart of the team and also everyone had took part in organizing/helping make this such a great race. Whether it's the people, the punishing course or getting together with so many fellow riders, whatever it is it draws us back every year!  Check out the full race results

Eric having fun out on the course and walking home with 95th overall and 35th in his category. Eric is keeping things simple but light with his 23 lbs aluminum Salsa Beargrease.

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