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100% Gloves Initial Impressions

24 May, 2019

100%, while somewhat new to the cycling industry, has been full of absolute banger products in their first couple years, showing us that not only are they serious competition for their competitors but also that they are here to stay. They’ve been doing gloves for a bit now, and we’re proud to announce that we stand behind their product… one-hundred percent (that’s the only pun I’m gonna make, I promise). We have a couple models in right now, and the resounding opinion of all of us is that they’re some of the most comfortable and intuitive gloves on the market. How can a glove be intuitive you ask? It’s kind of hard to explain, but in my years of riding bikes and trying gloves from literally every major glove company, including Fox, Giro, Specialized, Garneau, POC, etc, I’ve never found a glove that just feels right. But the instant I got my hands on these, and these on my hands, there was just something that clicked. I’ve always found that gloves have fingers that are a little too long, or a little too short, or the thumb is weird. However, all of the gloves from 100% fit perfectly when I had the proper size. Even someone who wore the same size as me (large) with very different hands (different respective finger length, etc) had that same experience. They simply work.

The gloves I most prefer are the R-Core series, as they split the gap between a minimalist glove and a protective glove. The back material is a nylon ripstop material that is made to take scrapes against trees when the trail gets narrow; the back of the hand also gets some protective rubber pieces to add a layer between you and whatever your line throws at you. The palm is unpadded, with plenty of grip to go around regardless of what grips you’re using. I also like the amount of structure these gloves have, which is what I think helps with the excellent fit. There is just enough different material in different spots to keep the glove feeling solid with no restriction of movement. My only gripe about the gloves, and this applies for all of the 100% gloves, is that we found they are a little trick to get on. Once they’re on however, it’s smooth sailing from there.

The Ridecamp glove is 100%’s take on a minimalist trail glove, with a pretty standard back material that won’t degrade over time. The palm is a similar arrangement as the R-Core, with enough grip to keep you planted, but not so much material that you feel like you’re wearing a baseball mitt. If you like to ride without gloves, but you’re looking for a glove for dawn patrol; or you like the feeling of no gloves but like just a little bit of added protection, these are for you.

The Brisker gloves are for exactly what they sound like they are for, brisk weather. Regardless the time of year, if you’re looking for something that can handle 45-60 degree temps, this is your glove. Quite minimalist in design, the gloves feature a lightly insulated back, and an even lighter insulation on the palm, just enough to keep the heat in without getting too sweaty. They also feature a large 100% logo on the back which is reflective, so when you’re running dawn patrol or those early sunset rides in the fall, you’ll be that little bit more visible. 

Feat. Image: R-Core Gloves

Ridecamp Gloves

Brisker Gloves

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